Due Date Calculator

A Perfect Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

The most thrilling day of the whole journey of pregnancy is the due date. For most women, it’s also the happiest day of their lifetime. On this day, they not just bring the newborn in the world but also get rid of labor pain and worries.

due date calculator

It is a divine and relaxed feeling a woman receives after it surpasses any other worldly pleasure. It is the phase where her nine months long wait comes to an end, and she gets introduced to the role of someone’s mother.

Women would be keen to know about this important date of their life. Fortunately, it is possible to calculate the due or the period left via some easy methods using our free pregnancy due date calculator which we will know in this article.

How to Calculating due date using a Due Date Calculator?

Usually, a pregnancy takes around 38 to 42 weeks to complete. To predict when is your due date first, you should know the time on which your last menstrual period arrived. So, from the first day of your previous period add up 280 days or calculate 40th week from that date. To make it easier, deduct three months from the date on which your last period started on and then add seven more days to it.

For instance, if the last period began on seven may then deducting three months from this date will be 7 February. Now after adding seven more days to it will be 14 February which is the due date in this case. However, this method only gives you an estimated date as the delivery can get preponed or postponed by one or two weeks. This calculator also has a feature known as  due date calculator week by week.

Finding a due date with the help of conception date

For those women who have irregular menstruation cycle, then calculating the due date using the date on which the last period started on might not work. In such case to find a reliable due date of your delivery you can use the conception date. In the conception date, add 266, and it will result in the estimated delivery date.

Accurately predict your due date with IVF transfer date

Many women are getting a successful result through IVF technology, and some other assisted reproductive technologies. As a result, over 77,000 babies are born through these technologies every year in the USA, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. For such women finding out their delivery date is not a task anymore. They can accurately find their due date using their IVF transfer date.

Ultrasound Scan

It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember the date of the last menstrual period or when the ovulation takes place or when you conceived, and there are ways to figure out the due date. Whenever you make your first visit with your practitioner, they will help you in determining that date.

  • In some cases, the practitioner can recommend an ultrasound to know the due date. These are those women who have irregular periods, or faced complications and miscarriages previously or are of 35 and above ages. In such cases, it is hard to determine the date with the help of physical examination or last menstrual period.
  • There are some crucial events in pregnancies such as hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time or feeling the fetal movement of the babies. These events will also provide the hint for the accurate due date.
  • Measuring the fundal height which extends from pubic bone to the uterus top on every time you visit your practitioner will confirm the due date.
  • Examining the uterus size from when the first internal pregnancy performed can identify the delivery date.
    Is it possible to plan the due date?

Most of the women plan their pregnancy due to multiple reasons. Planning pregnancy so that the delivery date fall in the specific month is also one of the reasons. However exact planning is difficult to do. Even those you conceive on the time you want, it is not easy to find the precise date of delivering the baby, our baby due date calculator will help you with this.

Changing the due date

It is possible that due date can get change. As the pregnancy forward the due date can get change due to various factors. Such factors like irregular periods and the early ultrasound dating were off, or the first ultrasound might be in the second trimester. The abnormal fundal height or alpha-fetoprotein which is a protein produced by the baby also plays an essential factor to it.

As soon a woman gets her pregnancy news, the speculating her baby’s delivery date starts. Prediction of the exact date and time is not possible, but a close estimation of that date is quite easy. To find the probable delivery date use the above mention method and make sure to clear all the queries and suspicion regarding the delivery with your practitioner.